Crank up your quality of life by fortifying your body’s critical pillars of health with the ARTICHOKE EXTRACT supplement by Vital Peak!  Artichoke Leaf Extract strengthens your immunity against attack, optimizes numerous aspects of digestive and gut health, liver functions, and heart parameters, and hampers malignant cell formation. And ARTICHOKE EXTRACT for weight management is ideal for helping shrink waistlines and provides rich cellular nourishment.

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Vital Peak’s high-dose pure ARTICHOKE EXTRACT for liver health is a one-stop-shopping for kicking your critical systems into high gear!

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Optimizes Digestion,
Gut, & Blood Sugar
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Boosts Mood
& Memory
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  • ARTICHOKE EXTRACT for liver health’s rich nutrients and antioxidants helps flush liver toxins, reduce excess cholesterol and triglycerides, regulate blood pressure and blood sugar, and neutralize free radicals.
  • It can nourish gut flora to repair the gut lining, fortify healthy immune responses, and fight malignant cell formation. And Artichoke Extract for weight management helps burn fat to shrink waistlines.
  • Plus, Artichoke Extract capsules balance liver enzymes and reduce fatty liver, liver disease factors, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, nausea, heartburn, cramps, gas/bloating, and tummy aches.


What are the effective ingredients in the ARTICHOKE EXTRACT supplement?

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If you’ve ever wanted to know, “Is ARTICHOKE EXTRACT good for you?” The answer is a resounding Hallelujah, YES!
Vital Peak’s high-grade ARTICHOKE EXTRACT delivers the optimal dose used in studies to activate stalled, sluggish, and impaired cellular mechanisms and optimize numerous health benefits.

What are the ARTICHOKE EXTRACT benefits to my health?

Over time, your body is overwhelmed by GMOs, processed food, artificial additives, refined sugars, alcohol, stress, environmental chemicals, and more. These elements prematurely age organs, scuttle energy and blood sugar metabolism, cause cardiovascular problems, poor memory, dark moods, upset digestion, liver and kidney fatigue, and promote inflammation and weight gain.

ARTICHOKE EXTRACT supplements can neutralize organ-aging free radicals, nourish healthy gut bacteria, fortify immunity, decrease inflammation, and fight malignant cell formation. And Artichoke Leaf Extract can boost mood, memory, and energy, inspires blood sugar and blood pressure harmony, regulates cholesterol and triglycerides, and improves kidney health and irritable bowel symptoms. If you’re wondering, “Does ARTICHOKE EXTRACT help your liver?” Yes! ARTICHOKE EXTRACT for liver functions can improve enzymes, fatty liver, detoxification, inhibits toxin damage, and throttles up fat-burning to shrink waistlines.

REMEMBER! At Vital Peak, we take pride in using only the purest natural ingredients in all our strategically designed therapeutic supplements created in a US-based state-of-the-art facility like ARTICHOKE EXTRACT!

What is ARTICHOKE EXTRACT good for?

Vital Peak’s ARTICHOKE EXTRACT uses the optimal dose of high-quality Artichoke Leaf Extract used in studies and proven to help:

  • Boost vitality
  • Neutralize organ-aging free radicals
  • Boost liver health & functions
  • Revive gut health & regularity
  • Enhance cardiovascular & kidney health
  • Fortify harmonious immunity
  • Optimize blood sugar metabolism
  • Improve memory & mood
  • Ignite fat burning & weight management
  • And more!

Who can use the ARTICHOKE EXTRACT supplement?

ARTICHOKE EXTRACT by Vital Peak was formulated for men and women who want to fortify the critical pillars of health, including immunity, gut health, liver functions, cardiovascular mechanisms, weight management, and fight malignant cell formation. And give your liver a maintenance overhaul with formidable Artichoke Leaf Extract!

Should I use ARTICHOKE EXTRACT long-term?

YES! ARTICHOKE EXTRACT for liver health helps provide outstanding protection against toxins and slams the brakes on premature organ aging and disease. It has numerous benefits for all organ systems and overall well-being. Research demonstrates Artichoke Extract capsules are generally considered safe for adults over 18.

However, allergies to artichokes, sunflowers, daisies, marigolds, and chrysanthemums increase your allergy risk to ARTICHOKE EXTRACT. And Artichoke Leaf Extract is not generally recommended for children and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What are the ARTICHOKE EXTRACT side effects?

Consuming artichoke extract is generally considered safe, with few side effects reported.

Artichoke Extract capsules are not generally recommended for children and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Before using this or any other supplement, please check with your doctor if you have a severe liver, kidney, or other disease.

People with allergies to artichokes, sunflowers, daisies, marigolds, and chrysanthemums have increased allergy risk to ARTICHOKE EXTRACT supplements.

How much ARTICHOKE EXTRACT should I take for liver health?

As a dietary supplement, adults take one (1) capsule daily. For best results, take with 6-8 fl. oz. of water or as directed by a healthcare professional.

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