Catapult your energy, exercise performance, and recovery like the ancient Greek Olympians with the ODORLESS GARLIC EXTRACT supplement by Vital Peak!  It protects joints against swelling and wear and tear damage and helps strengthen bones.   The benefits of ODORLESS GARLIC EXTRACT for blood pressure and the heart and reducing “bad” LDL cholesterol are well known.  Combining its improving circulation with its anti-organ-aging antioxidant effects helps keep your memory sharp and healthy as you age.  In addition, it throws up a formidable barrier against contagious diseases, the common cold and the flu, their duration and severity, and malignant cells, especially in people with compromised immunity.

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Vital Peak’s high-dose pure ODORLESS GARLIC EXTRACT pills improve nutrient and oxygen delivery, ensuring your muscles, heart, brain, and immunity keep you independent and active for decades!

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Optimizes Blood
Pressure Circulation
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Energizes Exercise
Performance & Recovery
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Protects Memory
& Aging Brain
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Free Radicals
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  • Garlic Extract was prized for over 5000 years for poor digestion, parasites, fatigue, and respiratory ailments.  Modern research shows ODORLESS GARLIC EXTRACT supplement can also open blood vessels, improves circulation, protects against artery hardening.
  • Studies have shown that it can reduce systolic blood pressure by up to 8-9 mmHg, diastolic by up to 6-7 mmHg, and “bad” LDL cholesterol by 10-15% to minimize clots.
  • Studies also report that it can strengthen immune resilience and reduces the number of colds by 63%, symptoms by 70%, and sick days by 61%. In addition, ODORLESS GARLIC EXTRACT benefits the joints, bones, menopausal estrogen levels, memory, immunity, heavy metal toxicity, free radical organ damage, and aging.


What are the effective ingredients in the ODORLESS GARLIC EXTRACT supplement?

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If you’ve ever wanted to know, “Is GARLIC EXTRACT good for you?” The answer is a profound YESSSSIREE!
Vital Peak’s high-grade ODORLESS GARLIC EXTRACT supplement delivers the optimal high dose used in studies to crank up numerous health benefits, including energy, heart, brain, and immunity!

What are the ODORLESS GARLIC EXTRACT benefits to my health?

Over time, your energy potential, circulation, and immunity naturally diminish. These profoundly impact your body’s aging, leaving you vulnerable to feeling and acting OLD. So, if you’re ready to defy slowing down, you’ve come to the right place. ODORLESS GARLIC EXTRACT by Vital Peak is your “TIME MACHINE!” And since we’ve removed Garlic Extract’s nasty smell, the no-fuss one (1) capsule a day helps fortify your immune barrier and rev your engines with style.

Does Garlic Extract lower blood pressure? YES! As the ODORLESS GARLIC EXTRACT supplement can relax your blood vessels, nutrients and oxygen-rich blood can better circulate to nourish every nook and cranny and power your muscles for action and brain for productivity. And it can strengthen your body's ability to ward off and battle liver toxins and encounters with harmful pathogens. Plus, it can significantly reduce the load on your heart and joint inflammation, soothes sore muscles, and supports erect posture.

REMEMBER! At Vital Peak, we take pride in using only the purest natural ingredients in all our strategically designed therapeutic supplements created in a US-based state-of-the-art facility like ODORLESS GARLIC EXTRACT!

What is GARLIC EXTRACT good for?

Vital Peak’s ODORLESS GARLIC EXTRACT uses the optimal dose of high-quality Garlic Extract - without the unpleasant odor - used in studies and proven to help:

  • Boost energy & exercise performance
  • Increase muscle recovery
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Enhance circulation & nutrient & oxygen delivery
  • Reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol levels
  • Fortify immunity against colds, the flu, & malignant cells
  • Protect & Power memory & brain health
  • Support menopausal estrogen levels
  • Slow bone loss & joint damage
  • Neutralize organ-aging free radicals

Who can use the ODORLESS GARLIC EXTRACT supplement?

ODORLESS GARLIC EXTRACT pills by Vital Peak were formulated for men and women who want to stay vitally active, boost brain power, and engage an extra layer of immune protection during these scary times.

Should I use the ODORLESS GARLIC EXTRACT supplement long-term?

YES! The ODORLESS GARLIC EXTRACT benefits are formidable in your daily life. It skyrockets your all-day energy by helping nourish every cell in your body from improved circulation. That takes the burden off your heart and arteries and inspires all your systems to regain harmony, purring like a panther. Imagine having more Vroom-Vroom to zip through your duties, tasks, and errands throughout the week with plenty of Zoom leftover to spend doing the things you love. Soaring stamina frees you to push your exercise routine to new heights, take that hiking trek you’ve dreamed about, or revamp your garden. No stop signs here!

What are the GARLIC EXTRACT side effects?

Garlic Extract is likely safe for most people.

Do not exceed recommended dose. Although there are no reports of side effects, before using this or any other supplement, please check with your doctor if you have a severe health condition. Surgery: Stop taking Garlic Extract at least two weeks before a scheduled surgery.

How much GARLIC EXTRACT per day is recommended?

As a dietary supplement, adults take one (1) capsule daily. For best results, take with 6-8 fl. oz. of water or as directed by a healthcare professional.

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